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Up to 10 instant secure inboxes you can use when registering to

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What's InboxBear?

InboxBear is a service that gives you up to 10 inboxes that you can use when registering to untrusted web sites. Instead of giving these web sites your real email address, you give them one our bear supplies. This way Mr bear has lots of spam to eat and your real inbox is protected.

Each account comes with

  • Up to 10 email addresses
  • Complete anonymity, no need for your real email in signing up
  • Remember me (you) automatically for 30 days
  • Special quick magic link to get to all your inboxes in one click
  • Totally and 100% Free
  • No password to remember, only a link to copy somewhere safe.
  • Choose any untaken inbox ID you wish
  • Addresses last forever
  • Only the creating user can access his / her messages & inboxes.
  • Protected with 256bit key JWT tokens.
  • Instant incoming emails, no refresh needed.
  • Mobile friendly design - for android and iPhones
  • Supports all email attachments

Why a bear?

Because bears are nice and they like spam, a lot of it actually.

"The best secure temp email service!"

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"Finally a service I enjoy using."

avatar Colin That guy that uses these suspicious web sites.

We process lots of spam!

Don't ask, but the bear is really getting fat from all the juicy spam some services send it's way.